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Putin has no 'leverage' to prevent NATO expansion - Kuleba

Speaking at the World Economic Forum, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba asserted on Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin does not have "any serious leverage to prevent Finland or Sweden from becoming members of NATO."

Kuleba underlined that this "proves that the whole discourse about NATO not being ready" to "get Ukraine on board is not based on specific merits" but on "political understanding on who belongs to us and who doesn't." He added that without such political decisions, there will be "hundreds of arguments why [accession] is impossible."

When asked whether Ukraine would ever be a part of NATO, Kuleba explained that the country is not currently focused on joining the alliance, but rather on "winning the war." The Ukrainian foreign minister pointed out that although he does not complain about allies, he believes that NATO is "sidelined and doing literally nothing" to end the conflict.

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