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Russia, Syria made up chemical attack story - US

United States accused Moscow and Damascus of fabricating the story about the Syrian rebels using chemical weapons in the attack that happened earlier in November.

In a statement released by the US State Department, Washington claimed it had "credible information" Assad's forces, in cooperation with Russian personnel, "likely used tear gas against civilians," adding they are now exploiting the incident as an "opportunity to undermine confidence in the ceasefire in Idlib."

"The United States is deeply concerned that pro-regime officials have maintained control of the attack site in its immediate aftermath, allowing them to potentially fabricate samples and contaminate the site before a proper investigation of it by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. We caution Russia and the regime against tampering with the suspected attack site and urge them to secure the safety of impartial, independent inspectors so that those responsible can be held accountable," a spokesperson for the State Department said.

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