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Spain's PSOE loses 3 seats, right-wing parties surge

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanches' Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) won 120 seats in the Spanish Senate after the parliamentary election on Sunday, losing three seats compared to April's election and falling short of 176 seats required for a majority in parliament, according to 99% of votes counted so far. Right-wing parties PP and Vox both gained wider support from April while the number of Podemos' representatives in the Senate lowered by seven over the same period.

Conservative PP secured 88 seats, beating its previous result by 22, while the far-right anti-immigration Vox gained additional 28 seats to win 52 seats in the parliament. Ciudadanos was the only major right-wing party that lost support on Sunday election with only 10 seats secured after it won 57 representatives in April. On the left side of the political spectrum, populist party Podemos' support narrowed that will translate into 35 seats in the parliament.

Previously, Spanish political parties failed to form a government after the election in April.

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