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US suspects Russia of direct-energy attacks on personnel - report

The United States suspects Russia's military intelligence unit, the GRU, of conducting direct-energy attacks that have been linked to mysterious health issues among US government personnel around the world, Politico reported.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, the investigation into the alleged attacks is focusing on potential GRU involvement and has broadened in scope to include all 18 federal agencies. However, there is currently no official link between the suspected attacks and the intelligence unit, and the intelligence community did not reach a determination of the unit's involvement, nor is it sure if the incidents are actually an attack by foreign actors.

The mysterious health issues of US diplomats and spies were first reported in 2016 in Cuba, and are known as the "Havana syndrome," but have increased in their intensity and frequency in the previous months, with the Pentagon warning lawmakers of the growing threat and the White House confirming that recently there have been domestic cases as well. Central Intelligence Agency Director William Burns has reportedly increased his involvement with the investigation, assigning a senior CIA official working directly under him and receiving daily briefings on the matter.

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